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Workshops & Experiences

Hippotrip Ride - Experience



Pick-up at hotel available on request.



Approx. 1:30 hours


Available languages:

Portuguese, English 

Minimum age: 3+



Ride ... €30,00 / adult  and €18,00/child

Booking Fee ... € 20,00 / booking / family

Dates and scheduling:

This experience is available everyday at 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM and 4:00PM.

Contact us and let us know the tour you choose and when you wish to do it. We will get back to you with confirmation or alternative dates within 24 hours.



For experiences and workshops, booking requests require a minimum of 72 hours (weekdays) in advance and the complete payment (100%) is requested up on booking confirmation.  

IMG_3226 - Cópia.JPG

Fun, laughter and adventure. Aboard an amphibious vehicle, explore the heart of Portugal’s capital, by land and river, without leaving the comfort of your own seat. Is it a bus? Is it a boat? It’s both…. so get ready to plunge into the Tagus River with a big smile on your face!!

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