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Our One Day At... program is designed to take the best of a visit to a specific place, aiming to ensure a relaxed and focused visit. We start the day visiting a main attraction (usually a Museum or cultural center) and exploring its educational resources. Hands-on activities or workshops are actively selected whenever available. Selected visiting spots are usually near a garden so that we can explore and learn more about it. It also serves as a purpose to play some games and use some of the kids' stored energy... Picnic lunch is included! The program may include access through subway or tram, which gives us the opportunity to discover the thematic decoration of the subway stations and other subjects on the way... Click to know more about each program.

Lisbon for kids - zoo
Lisbon for kids - Parque das Nações
Lisbon for kids - Museu de História Natural
Zoo and Children's Museum



We will travel around the world, meeting the animals from the five continents, without leaving the Zoo! Also, we will get to know some animals from Portugal and visit the Children's Farm. The visit includes a ride in cable car and zoo train, as well as the dolphins' show and feeding the animals. In the afternoon we will explore some hands-on educational activities in the Children's Museum nearby.


Gulbenkian Foundation and Garden



This visit will make a very special day for those who love art and history! Visiting the Gulbenkian Collection Museum will take us on a journey from the ancient Egyptian to the impressive painters from the 20th century passing by incredible European and Asian works of art. We will also visit the Modern Art Center and get to know some Portuguese artists, before exploring one of the most beautiful gardens in Lisbon.


Lisbon Museum and Bordalo's Garden



In a day, we will get to know the history of the city, from the Romans to the beginning of the Republic. We will explore the scale model of the city before the great earthquake and learn how the city has changed ever since, and find out what are the city symbols and why. In the garden we will get to know the ceramic animals of Portuguese artist Bordalo Pinheiro and play a while on the subjects he used to represent.



Theater Museum, Costume Museum and Monteiro-Mor Botanical Park



A whole day within the fantastic world of theater and the history of traditional costumes in Portugal! We will learn and experience a part of the backstage work needed to create and present a show: writing the text, constructing the theatre building, drawing the stage costumes and stage scenography, acting... And we will explore the great scenery which is the botanical park that surrounds these two great museums.












Follow our icons for an immediate selection of the best program for your family. 





        Walking tour


        Driven tour (private transport with our guide)


        Public transport (subway, tram)




Main activities:




        Try & Learn



        Half-day (3 to 4 hours)


        Full-day (7 to 8 hours)


Park of Nations (former Expo'98)



Probably one day won't be enough to experience all we have programmed... Starting on the Oceanarium, visiting the permanent exhibition with over 500 species. We then proceed to the Pavilion of Knowledge where the kids are invited to play and experience interactive modules depicting science and natural phenomena. Outside we will explore the Water Gardens and ride the elevated Cable Car that crosses the park.



Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden



This Museum is a box of surprises, and we will discover them all one-by-one. There will be dinosaurs, minerals, prehistoric plants, antique science teching instruments, and we will be playing and learning in several physics' interactive modules and historical math's games. Outside, we will visit the Botanical Garden with many species from all over the world and the butterfly garden.



Lisbon for kids - Jardim Tropical
Lisbon for kids - Museu de Lisboa
Lisbon for kids - Gulbenkian
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