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Our Theme Guides are written documents, abundantly illustrated. Each guide includes fun activities, curiosities and quizzes, for kids and teens so that they can learn about the city while visiting and enjoying it! As an added bonus, it will make sure parents have also a good time alongside! 

Theme Guides

Unknown Lisbon


This guide gathers our specially curated top 20 off-the-radar places to visit in Lisbon. It will reveal some secrets of the city, that only (some) locals know about. These off-the-beat trails are certain to surprise you and your kids, while letting you know the most curious and funny stories about Lisbon. 


Mostly indicated for visitors that stay longer than a short city-break and second-time visitors.

Super Lisbon!


This essential guide will disclose the most important and must-see places in the city, suitable for kids & families. It includes information about educational and play resources available at Museums and Monuments, which you can add to your family visit, and therefore making it much more enjoyable for all. This is the 'Children & Families' chapter missing in your other city guides!


Mostly indicated for first time visitors or short-time holidays in the city.

Play in Lisbon


This guide gathers “the most” important information for your kids: where is the nearest playground? Also, if you wish to take a couple of hours for them to go free active playing, this guide will help you select the most suitable park for your family, as it lists all the playgrounds and theme parks existent in Lisbon and nearby, complemented with useful information you might need (schedule, prices, age group, or where to get your picnic basket...). 


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