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Learn about our mission and our motivations and meet the team. Also, learn about how Little Lisbon and some of our projects are being described and enthusiastically presented to the public in the press

If you come to visit Lisbon with children, you should know that we are here for you! Whether you're a family, a corporate or school group, or if you prefer to trust us with your kids for a few hours, we have the ideal program for you and your children! 

If you are taking one of our private family tours, or following one of our self-guided programs, you should consider some advice. Check some tips to take the best advantages of our activities and learn about what other families have experienced with us, by reading their testimonials

Visiting Lisbon with your kids will surely be an unforgettable experience for the whole family! Other than the places included in our programs, many touristic places in the city are fun and particularly interesting for children. Check out the 10 most family-visited  places in Lisbon!

Although Lisbon is a very 'walkable' city, you should use the city’s great transport network, which is safe, not expensive and can be great fun! 

At the airport, remember to use a special service that intends to provide the best conditions for families travelling with children. It is called 'Family Airport'.

Little Lisbon is strongly motivated to divulge Portuguese culture and heritage to those who visit Lisbon with children, with the aim of promoting and reinforcing the huge offer that exists. For that, we count with the institutional encouragement of cultural agents and expert selected  providers - our partners!

Find out more about us and about those who work with us every day, helping us to make this project and our mission a real pleasure and a very rewarding one: our team, our partners, 'our' families (you) and our beautiful city!
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