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Tim Burton’s puppets are coming to Lisbon!

Visiting the Puppets Museum (Museu da Marioneta) in Lisbon is by itself an excellent program for the whole family! This Museum displays an extraordinary collection of puppets from all over the world, from antient times to the present day, and it has a special focus on Portuguese puppet theater traditions.

But from the 6th of February there is one more reason to visit: Tim Burton's puppets exhibition!

This exhibition is part of the Monstra festival, which runs from 18 to 29 March in Lisbon. Monstra celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and brings us a selection of the best animated films from around the world, including a children's section - the Monstrinha (little monster)!

The exhibition is a tribute to some of the animation movies created by this American director. Tim Burton started his career at Disney as an animator and is today one of the world’s best known film directors, with over 20 movies in live action and stop-motion and 3D animation.

This exhition will show the original drawings and puppets used in Tim Burton’s movies, as well as some models, drafts and character studies used in the production of some of his films, showing the creative process of some of Burton’s gothic take on storytelling for children.

The puppets in display at this exhibition were produced by the British studio Mackinnon & Saunders.

The exhibition “Tim Burton – The Animation Puppets” will be showing at the Museu da Marioneta from February 6th to April 19th.

Learn more about Monstra in this link:

Learn more about Museu da Marioneta (Puppets Museum), here:

Learn more about Tim Burton's exhibition at the Puppets Museum, here:


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