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Why is Lisbon a great family destination?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Lisbon is a great destination for families!

Whether for a small city-break or for a longer vacation, the points in favor are immense and include benefits as varied as the friendliness of the locals, especially with children; the tasty food and how easy it is to find restaurants with special menus for the youngsters; safety and affordable prices; the modern and very ample public transport network; a wide range of accommodation (between hotels and apartments) adapted to accommodate children of all ages; the number of museums and monuments to visit, many of those with kid-friendly options for the visit, and some classified as World Heritage by UNESCO; an exceptional climate, with many hours of sunshine and an incredible light, which invites you to enjoy walking tours around the city; the diversity and cultural richness of neighborhoods and squares, from the most picturesque to the most cosmopolitan; the abundance of parks and gardens, inviting for a break or a more playful moment for children, in its playgrounds; the proximity to the beach areas and the various possibilities of walk and cycle paths along the river and seafront; a cultural agenda that includes many shows and events for children of all ages; and so much more!

If you want to turn traveling into a more educational and learning experience, you're also in the right place: Lisbon has millennia of history and a cultural background comparable to other European cities. Walking around Lisbon means learning about geography (the Tagus River and the hills are a striking presence), getting to know traces of buildings from the time of the Romans, recognizing Moorish heritage (in language, gastronomy, architecture…), imagining a city that it was the center of world trade five centuries ago, understanding the impacts of a gigantic earthquake that led to the reconstruction of the city, listening to Fado. All this between castles (São Jorge Castle offers a fun visit to Lisbon, in real time, through a periscope), palaces (where stories of princes and princesses are told), super-interesting museums (from the most interactive to the most traditional , where the themes are very varied – arts, science and technology, history) and surprising shops (such as a restaurant-shop that exclusively sells cereal bowls, or one that only sells gloves and is very small, or the Doll's Hospital and shop, or the oldest bookstore in the world, or the innumerous pastry-shops, as pastry in Portugal is irresistible and ‘Pastel de Nata’ is a must!). There is also the Lisboa Story Center (interactive technology-based facility relating the main events in the city from past to present) and the Cod Interpretative Center (a space to pay homage to codfish, as a symbol of gastronomy, culture and history of a Country), both targeted for kids and families.

You can't miss the city's newest neighborhood, built on the site of the 1998 exhibition (Expo’98), dedicated to the theme of the Oceans, and which is now called ‘Parque das Nações’. Here, a complete one-day program for the whole family is guaranteed: you can visit the aquarium (one of the biggest and most beautiful in the world, with species from all over the planet), the Pavilion of Knowledge (which is currently a science center, interactive and a lot of fun), ride a cable car, walk along the river, enjoy one of the playgrounds, skate or cycle tracks, explore the Garcia d'Orta gardens (with plants from distant lands that the Portuguese have explored centuries ago).

And then there are the all-present colors and shapes that cover the building's facades with tiles (‘azulejo’ is a Portuguese word that you will for sure learn here), the fun or sophisticated designs we make with the black & white cobblestones on the pavements, the trams that run around the city like a roller coaster, the tuk-tuks that give a help on climbing the hills and reaching the most surprising views at the top, and the Hippotrip, which delights children and adults alike.

Haven’t you packed your bags yet?!

Plan your trip, including family tours, guided visits, hands-on activities and experiences that are suitable for the whole family. Lisbon awaits you and your family - the kids will love it!


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